Personal Firearms Shopping

Come on in and sit down. Yes, sit down. You won't stand at a counter talking with someone who doesn't know you or care about your interests. Tell me what you want and if I don't have it, I'll get to work finding it.

I have lots of suppliers and adding more regularly. So if it's out there, chances are I'll get it for you.

Consider me your personal firearms dealer.


Adding firearms to our tool product line seemed logical because so many of my customers are hunters and carry for personal protection. Although I've owned guns most of my life, selling them as a dealer is a new endeavor.

There is a ton to learn and know, and I'm counting on you to ask questions, explain your needs and put me to work to prove my value to you.

Thank you for choosing to work with me! You can buy guns from a million places, so I'm honored to be your dealer and will always strive to make our time together enjoyable.

Be safe, and happy shooting!



Browse the online catalogs of some of my suppliers. If you see something that tickles your fancy, let me know and I'll give you a quote.

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